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about Hanna Haunted Acres.
Was Absolutely Blown-Away by the experience. There were 4 different haunted houses all unique in theme & scares. The Hayride was the Highlight!! You have to experience firsthand to understand how amazing it is!!
William D. Google Review
Sooo Awesomely awesome… 6 attractions, you’ll actually feel done by the time you're done. Money well spent - I’ll do it every year and it just gets better.
Thomas C. Google Review
I’m writing this walking to my car after experiencing the most perfect spooky Halloween night! The props, sound effects, warm cider and actors/actresses! It was so scary, it was awesome
Nicola R. Google Review
Best haunted house experience by far it was like going to the fair. Hanna has really out done themselves this year and the virtual reality haunted house was a whole different experience...
Clara J. Google Review
All of the attractions here were great, but the Haunted Hayride was the coolest thing we have ever experienced! We had a great time & will definitely be back next year!
Jim M. Google Review
My family was very happy to see that there was more stuff to do at HHA this year. We really enjoyed hay ride. The actors played their parts really well!
Jenny W. Google Review
I have a passion for haunted houses and have been to haunted haunted houses in NV, FL, NC, TX, PA, NM. This place is impressive and definitely one of the best ones I have been to.
Alicia C. Google Review
Went here tonight for the first time and wow it was awesome, super fun and definitely worth the money, I honestly thought it was way more scarier than Indy Scream...
Steven P. Google Review
Lines were long but moved pretty fast. Haunts were awesome and the hayride was AMAZING! Great price, great food and an all around great time!
Bethany R. Google Review
Always a good time and atmosphere at Hanna Haunted Acres! The staff/workers are always real friendly, costumes are real good and I have never had a bad experience here in many years of going!
Darren M. Google Review
We loved it!!!! Descension was the best one so super glad we saved it for last. The hay ride was so awesome too. You can really tell there was a whole lot of work put into it from people who really love the season.
Monica C. Google Review
Had a great time, as always! Love the new layout, concessions we're great, the actors appeared to have as much fun as I did. Great time!
Julia S. Google Review